Squiggle is an electronic consenting application and ensures the consent form is completed correctly, legibly and, by using local consent forms, compliant with local policies and procedures.

The simple signature pad will give patients the opportunity to sign their forms as if with a real pen.


  • Signatures locked down
  • Uses local consent forms
  • Logs kept of all changes and signatures made


  • Cost effective signature pad and pen
  • Integration with other systems
  • Configurable at a local level


  • Streamlines consenting process
  • Reduces paper costs
  • No more re-consenting when forms are lost
Squiggle will allow us to streamline our consenting process, forms will not be lost and we will have a permanent electronic record for each radiotherapy referral. Another piece of the paper-light jigsaw!

Radiotherapy Service Manager, Scotland

Squiggle allows consultants to discuss treatment options and side effects with their patients, clearly showing them the options. Utilising check boxes as well as free text boxes, consultants can add all the necessary information to offer the patient fully informed consent. Squiggle will also support consent as a multi stage process allowing, for example, consent to be confirmed and re-confirmed as per local practice.

Understanding that not all patients are comfortable with electronic documentation all forms can be printed for the patients as required.

Squiggle will be available as part of Cievert’s electronic referral system Casper or as a stand-alone module. Whichever option is chosen Squiggle will automatically pull patient data from the patient spine or referral, so there is no need for transcription of patient demographics.

If used from within Casper, site specific consent forms will be automatically pulled from the referral being created. Outside of Casper a full range of consent forms will be available to call upon.

There are various options available for the actual signature pads. These range in size and price but all will work seamlessly with Squiggle.

Cievert will be able to supply all the necessary hardware and training required to get started with Squiggle and to make electronic consenting a reality.

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