An On-Treatment Review (OTR) and PROM (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures) system. The system is used in both the public and private sectors to improve clinical outcomes and reduce the strain on resources. The timing and nature of patients’ follow-up appointments are intelligently determined by completing questionnaires tailored by AI: if a patient needs urgent attention, they are fast-tracked; conversely, they are discharged if they exhibit no cause for concern. Penguin also collects rich data for research and quality monitoring.


  • Increased Governance
  • Diagnosis driven
  • National scoring datasets
  • Red flag alerts


  • Safe, Secure Connection
  • Web-based for ease of access
  • Connect to your local EPR, PAS or the national Spine
  • Instant access to results


  • Reported directly by the patient
  • Increased patient engagement
  • Long-term financial savings
Having an electronic system to collect that sort of information is an ideal solution.

Macmillan Consultant Radiographer

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) are health outcomes that are reported directly by the patient who experienced it. It stands in contrast to an outcome reported by someone else such as a consultant or other healthcare professional; as such there is no interpretation of the outcomes by a third party.

At the end of 2017 Cievert was awarded funding by Innovate UK and as such we are now in a position to develop our PROMs platform. The project will be carried out over a number of phases, this first phase of the is being piloted within an oncology setting but will move to all clinical areas over a short period of time.

Initial phases of this project will see patients reporting these outcomes on a table device; confirming their identity using unique identifiers patients will then be presented with specific, disease or treatment based questions provided from the local clinical team.

Results from these PROMs will be shared with the appropriate teams and where necessary “red flag” outcomes will push alerts to an appropriate clinical member of staff. All results will be seen using the dashboard feature.

Following phases of this project will see patient’s securely accessing outcome questions from home as part of their ongoing and long term care; as such it may be possible for patients to only be seen as required or as problems arise, alleviating the burden that is created by outpatient appointments that may not required or beneficial to the patient.

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