A clinic management platform featuring a telehealth system. The platform can be whitelabelled for healthcare providers and allows clinicians to hold remote consultations with patients securely via video call. Occupational health providers, for example, use our software to deliver their services to businesses including multi billion pound corporations. JimJam works on a vast range of browsers including mobile.


  • Remote consultation
  • Clinical notes
  • Consultation recordings


  • Exercise database
  • Diary
  • Payment processing


  • Patient communication
  • Fill capacity
  • Customisation
  • Support


The software ensures that we can offer [...] early intervention to anyone, anywhere.

Senior Physiotherapist

JimJam’s aim is to improve the provision of healthcare in the UK. In that vein, we collaborate as much as we can with people, clinics, businesses, institutions and other service providers who share this ambition.

The JimJam platform is cost effective no matter the size of your operation. Whether you’re an independent physiotherapist or a multinational insurance company, you can use our technology to hold consultations via video call and manage your practice.

Our platform is easy to use for clinicians, administrators and patients alike – it was designed by a team of experienced healthcare professionals, with all users in mind.

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