An advanced referral management system that has managed the care of over 100,000 patients in the UK to date, primarily in the NHS. It has been shown to reduce waiting times and improve efficiency.


  • Increased Governance
  • Protocol Driven
  • Complete and Correct Data Set
  • Prompts and mandatory fields


  • Safe, Secure Connection
  • Web-based for ease of access
  • Connection to the Spine for Patient Demographics
  • Instant access to referrals


  • Decrease patient waiting times
  • Financial savings
  • Efficiency savings
The prescription is clear ... no more needing to decipher hand writing! ... So far we have received a number of referrals and been able to book patients for their planning appointments the very next day.

Clerical Staff at Mount Vernon

Casper is a secure web-based platform that allows the management of referrals from multiple locations in a timely, efficient and regulated manner.

Casper enables patients to be seen quicker and in line with national targets. In addition to this, staff are able to manage their workflow and tasks in a dynamic fashion.

Casper is offered to customers using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model; this is a cost effective way of delivering Casper. Not only this but it allows rapid deployment of the platform with minimal input from local IT teams; they do not have to support the application, as that is all managed by us at Cievert.

Casper allows clinicians to refer patients for any treatment, using standardised local protocols. By using diagnosis-based protocols and mandatory fields, the receiving department are ensured of an accurate and complete data set that exceeds standards of previous paper-based referrals.

Coupled with this, receiving a complete and legible form cuts down time wasted chasing or clarifying information. This offers our customers a real cost avoidance and better use of appropriate staff time.


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