All of our customers have a common goal; to ensure that treatment referrals are managed and processed in the most efficient and effective manner.

With a user friendly interface, mandatory fields and being protocol driven Casper ensures that all the necessary information is included in the referral. No more chasing of missing data and no more breached treatment dates.

Casper transforms a multi-handover process into a dynamic, efficient system.


  • Increased Governance
  • Protocol Driven
  • Complete and Correct Data Set
  • Prompts and mandatory fields


  • Safe, Secure Connection
  • Web-based for ease of access
  • Connection to the Spine for Patient Demographics
  • Instant access to referrals


  • Decrease patient waiting times
  • Financial savings
  • Efficiency savings
The prescription is clear ... no more needing to decipher hand writing! ... So far we have received a number of referrals and been able to book patients for their planning appointments the very next day.

Clerical Staff at Mount Vernon

At the heart of Casper is governance and compliance. Using the local protocols of each department, ensures standards are met and exceeded. Mandatory fields within the referral process ensures an accurate and complete dataset when the referral reaches the cancer centre and booking team.

This in itself leads to a dramatic change; staff no longer waste time chasing consultants and other professionals for missing or inaccurate data.

All the data from within Casper can be extracted, interrogated and shared with all necessary parties. Gone are the days of manual counting!

Using a secure network Casper can be accessed from anywhere with an internet (N3) connection ensuring referrals are completed securely and in a timely manner no matter where the consultant is sitting.

As soon as it is submitted the appropriate staff can then manage that referral and the data within it. Using personalised process lists staff can action specific tasks, be it booking transport or contacting the patient. As these are completed the tasks disappear from their work list. This also shows other users, who may share tasks that this is completed.

Patients have even been informed of appointments before they arrive home from their consultation.

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