An advanced cellular pathology reporting system which fits in as a modular component of a larger LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). This is the only pathology platform to be fully COSD compliant.


  • Driven by local clinical pathways
  • Complete, accurate datasets
  • User level defined permissions
  • COSD compliant


  • Safe, Secure Connection
  • Web-based for ease of access
  • Connect to your local EPR, PAS or the national Spine
  • Instant access to reports


  • Instant alerts for real time reporting
  • Automatically alert MDTs to findings
  • Decreased waiting times
  • Instant automated reporting (incl. COSD)
Meeting the needs of clinicians, scientists and pathologists, Casper Pathology is fully COSD compliant and offers standardised reporting.

NHS Pathologist

Casper Pathology is a secure and intuitive reporting software solution developed by Pathologists, for use within cellular pathology.

Casper enables pathologists to report on requests in real time using our sophisticated decision making tools that ensure that only datasets for the specific disease sites are seen. All necessary information is included in the report, including national datasets (such as COSD) in an unobtrusive manner.

Casper can also provide real time alerts to the Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT) improving efficiency of reporting and can be efficiently integrated for use with legacy laboratory systems, EPRs and other hospital systems.

Casper Pathology is offered to customers using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model; this is a cost effective way of delivering Casper. Not only this but is allows rapid deployment of the platform with minimal input from local IT teams; they do not have to support the application as that is all managed by us at Cievert.

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