Casper Oncology continues its development

Casper Oncology is a secure web-based platform that allows the management of oncology referrals from multiple locations in a timely, efficient and regulated manner.

As stated above, Casper Oncology is now managing well over 25% of all radiotherapy referrals across the UK and we are looking forward to increasing this to over 30% in the coming year. We look to do this with the welcome addition of both Norfolk and Norwich Hospital as well as the Royal Derby Hospital.

This year we have continued to work hard to develop Casper to ensure it meets the needs of all of our customers, ensuring they have all the tools to refer their patients, efficiently, safely and in line with all their local protocols. To this end we have seen the release of Casper that allows referrals pathways for the following treatment; Chemotherapy, Chemorad and nuclear medicine.

These additional pathways now mean that a cancer centre can use Casper as its sole referral platform, managing the pathway from referral to treatment.  Our latest pathways will continue to develop over the coming year and we would like to talk to any cancer centre that feels that they could benefit from using these pathways and indeed those that would like to be part of the development of these.

As mentioned, our customer base is increasing, and the knowledge base of Casper within Oncology is widening. Our current customers are more than happy to share their experience of Casper, its rollout and use and as such if you would like to contact any of them, then please do just ask one of our team who can share those details with you.

If you would like more information on Casper Oncology or any of our products please contact email Chris on

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