About Us

Cievert is a UK company based in the North East of England. We were launched in 2011 by health care professionals with the aim of developing innovative, cost effective products and services for the health sector.

“At Cievert we like to do things a little bit different.

In recent years the focus across healthcare has been on developing huge software applications that try to be all things to all people. We think this approach is wrong. We focus on one challenge at a time and build the best possible solution to address this and then look to integrate this within existing infrastructure. We believe clinical specialities require specialist software.

In developing our products we find that some of the best ideas come from our customers and so we listen and act quickly when we receive feedback. This can mean a clinical user can actually see their idea launched in one of our products within just a couple of months of feeding it back to us.

By working with and listening to the clinical teams that use our products. We produce intuitive, easy to use software and we back this up with the best possible service team.”


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United Kingdom

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