Reducing the administrative burden of complex healthcare pathways

An advanced referral management system that has managed the care of over 100,000 patients in the UK to date, primarily in the NHS. It has been shown to reduce waiting times and improve efficiency.

A clinic management platform featuring a telehealth system. The platform can be whitelabelled for healthcare providers and allows clinicians to hold remote consultations with patients securely via video call.

Squiggle is an electronic consenting application and ensures the consent form is completed correctly, legibly and, by using local consent forms, compliant with local policies and procedures.

An On-Treatment Review (OTR) and PROM (Patient-Reported Outcome Measures) system. The system is used in both the public and private sectors to improve clinical outcomes and reduce the strain on resources.


Our Partners

We work in partnership with our customers to design products that meet their current and future needs; seamlessly integrating these with current systems and workflow.

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